Shipping & Handling

Shipping and Delivery information:

 - We ship to all countries in EU. If you want something to be delivered outside EU, please >>contact us.
 - Delivery to any country within the EU will take around 1 – 7 working days.
 - Delivery times to none EU countries maybe slightly longer up to 3 weeks.
 - Orders paid by bank transfer will be dispatched once payment has cleared.
 - Some orders will require signature upon delivery.
 - After your order is shipped you will receive an e-mail with the shipment tracking number, delivery date and a link for tracking the shipment yourself.
 - In the rare event an order isn’t received by the customer and is lost in transit, we will require the customer to assist our claim for compensation from the courier.
 - Failure to assist us in a claim for loss or damage from the courier will result in the customer being charged for the full amount of the goods lost.
 - Surfpm is not responsible for packages that are undelivered due to incorrect shipping addresses given by the customer, or if the package was returned because the customer failed to pick it up at the post office. We will resend items returned to our shipping company on the condition that the customer repays the shipping fee, and verifies the correct address. If you have any queries regarding the delivery of your order, please contact customer services at:


Country Zone Delivery period (working days)
Austria 2 3-4
Belgium 3 4-5
Bulgaria 1 2
Check Republic 3 4
Croatia  4 6-7
Cyprus 5 4-5
Denmark 3 5
Estonia 4 5-6
Finland 4 7
France 3 5
Germany 2 4
Greece 5 3
Hungary 2 3
Ireland 4 6
Italy 3 4-5
Latvia 4 5-6
Lithuania 4 5-6
Luxembourg 3 4
Nederland 3 5
North Ireland 4 6-7
Norway 4 7-8
Poland 3 4
Portugal 4 6-7
Romania 1 2
Serbia 4 5-7
Slovakia 3 3-4
Slovenia 3 3-4
Spain  4 6
Switzerland 4 6
Sweden 4 6
United states 6 up to 3 weeks
UK 3 5-6


Bank Transfers
- The customer must pay all banking charges for Bank Transfer orders. (This does not apply to normal credit or debit card purchases)
- Customers who wish to be refunded after depositing money into our account using the bank transfer option will be charged our banking costs to refund.