Standard Aluminium 3-Piece Fanatic SUP Paddle

Standard Aluminium 3-Piece Fanatic SUP Paddle

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Model: Standard Aluminium 3-Piece Fanatic SUP Paddle

Perfect for hassle-free travelling and storage and the ideal partner for inflatable Fly Air boards, air travel and smaller cars or public transport, transportable in three parts for space saving. Our robust Aluminium Standard paddle is adjustable from 170 ? 210cm with 2 new features ? a foam collar to give the paddles buoyancy and reduce sinking risk, removable if not needed. And the middle section of the paddle can be removed, converting the 3-piece paddle into a kids? length paddle, ideal for families sharing one paddle.

» Available for all 3-piece paddles as extra accessory: 3-Piece Paddle Bag
» Easy transport and storage due to possibility of dismantling
» Removable foam collar adds buoyancy to the paddle*
» Oval aluminium shaft
» Flexible, yet highly durable ABS blade
» Adjustable range of 170 – 210 cm

The Standard 3-piece paddle is available with an adjustable shaft (170 | 210 cm). Perfect for adapting the paddle length for either flat water or wave conditions, the only paddle you need in your quiver!

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