NPX Wetsuit Assassin Overknee 4/3 2011 Men

NPX Wetsuit Assassin Overknee 4/3 2011 Men

Product Code:Assassin Overknee 4/3 2011 Men
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Model : NPX Wetsuit Assassin Overknee 4/3 2011

 There’s a place on the water where conventions and gravity conspire against you in smug self confidence. Here, in the relentless battle to free ourselves from limitation, few - if any, are spared. (They call it the cutting edge, because some days when you pass through it, it can actually cut). The price of admission is adrenalin, and now something else... The NPX Assassin. It’s the choice of totally hard-core freedom fighters worldwide, the most demanding riders who used to think the best wetsuit was no wetsuit at all.
 The NPX Assassin 3 Quarter Leg Long Sleeve 4/3 wetsuit is fully loaded for unrestricted radical movement, with hot cell insulation, aqua venting, and other brilliance. It’ll keep you toasty while it liberates your inner ninja-ness, and it will gladly sacrifice it’s life for yours if you need it. NPX Assassin. Freedom comes at a price. Pay up.

 -  Wrap around neck seal: provides a tight seal and comfort without direct pressure on the neck arteries
 -  P-Skin sealed seams: stretchy non-stick seam sealant made of polyurethane, fused on to GBL seams for max waterproofness
 -  Glued & Blindstitched Seams: efficient, water-tight seam created through a triple gluing process in conjunction with a blind stitch that does not fully penetrate the rubber, allows precise curved seams and facilitates a snug, anatomically correct fit
 -  Elastic key loop on inside back panel: elastic loop to secure keys inside the suit
 -  Knee pads: highly durable, abrasion resistant PU print technique
 -  E3 entry: comprised of a pull-over bib that forms a water-tight neck seal and prevents water from entering the back

 - Apex-Mesh
 - Apex-Flex
 - Hotcell Insulation
 - Bamboo Charcoal


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