North Kite Evo 2013

North Kite Evo 2013

Brand:North Kiteboarding
Product Code:Evo 2013
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Model: North Kite Evo 2013
Type: Freestyle / Freeride

     The ultimate all rounder, the Evo from North Kiteboarding is the kite to own if you change your riding style as often as you change your clothes! Jaime Herraiz needs no introduction as a rider, he excels at freestyle, freeride and wave kiting, and the Evo is his choice. Tom Hebert competed at the top level of the sport in freestyle, is also known for boosting huge old school moves and shredding the waves, naturally the Evo is his choice too. The kite has a smooth, predictable feel that riders fall in love with, the power delivery is progressive and the kite feels more like a C kite than the delta hybrid that it is. This year the Evo incorporates the new adaptive tips and also our streamline strut system, these new struts allow us to control the flow of air over the kite much better. This means we can improve the kites turning speed and responsiveness and reward the rider with a much more lively feeling kite. The larger sizes have a fuller profile and this gives them a much better low end range. The Evo can be flown with 4 lines or 5 giving the rider the choice to ride the kite however they desire. Depower is excellent, while the turning is direct and responsive allowing the rider to instinctively feel where the kite is in the window. The Evo soon ceases to be a kite and instead becomes an extension of your own arms! Hooked in, unhooked, freeride, freestyle, small waves, monster swells, strapped or unstrapped the Evo is your ticket to ride!

 - Delta oriented design
 - Good low end
 - Most versatile kite in the North Kiteboarding range
 - Easy unhooking abilities
 - Good hangtime and lift
 - Extremely stable

4 24-46 5.2 2.3
5 22-42 5.1 2.9
6 20-40 5.0 3.5
7 18-37 4.9 4.1
8 18-35 4.9 4.7
9 15-31 4.8 5.3
10 14-28 4.8 5.8
11 13-27 4.8 6.4
12 12-26 4.8 6.9
13 11-25 4.85 7.5
14 11-23 4.8 8.1


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