Prolimit Neoprene Grommet Shorty Kids

Prolimit Neoprene Grommet Shorty Kids

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Model: Prolimit Neoprene Grommet Shorty Kids
Color: Purple
Type: Shorty

The Grommets have been designed with a superior fit for maximum comfort and warmth. One thing is important: kids must have fun on the water!. By putting your kid in a grommet suit it will have this fun and will be warm! We have created a suit that has the looks of our progressive team riders! Now they can show off to their bigger brothers.


Kids sizechart          
Grommet little sizing Height FT/IN Chest Waist Hip
4XS/86-98/2-3YR 88cm-95cm 2'10,5"-3'1.5" 48-53cm 46-51cm 48-53cm
3XS/98-104/3-4YR 95cm-103cm 3'1,5"-3'4,5" 51-56cm 48-53cm 51-56cm
2XS/110-116/4-5YR 103cm-110cm 3'4,5"-3'7,5" 53-58cm 51-56cm 53-58cm
XS/116-122/5-6YR 118CM-126cm 3'10,5"-4'1,5" 58-63,5cm 51-56cm 58-63,5cm
S/128-134/7-8YR 126CM-133cm 4'1,5"-4'4,5" 62-67cm 55-60cm 63,5-68,5cm
M/140/9-10YR 133-141cm 4'4,5"-4'7.5" 66-71cm 58-63,5cm 68,5-74cm
Grommet sizing Height FT/IN Chest Waist Hip
L/146/10-11YR 140CM-147cm 4'7"-4'10" 71-76cm 58-63,5cm 71-76cm
XL/152-158/11-12YR 147cm-155cm 4'10"-5'1" 74-79cm 63,5-68,5cm 76-81cm
XXL/158-164/12-13YR 155cm-162,5cm 5'1"-5"4" 79-84cm 68,5-74cm 81-86cm
XXXL/164-170/14-16YR 162,5-170cm 5'4"-5'7" 84-89cm 71-76cm 86-91cm



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