Ion Kitesurfing Waist Harness Nova Diamond 2015 Women

Ion Kitesurfing Waist Harness Nova Diamond 2015 Women

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Model: Ion Kitesurfing Waist Harness Nova Diamond 2015 Women
Type: Waist
Color: Blue


Target group: Made for all women pushing their limits in waves, race and freeriding.

  - Memory Foam 3.0: visco elastic foam adapts perfectly to the body
  - Quick_Fit 2.0: new leverbuckle system allows superfast and effort-saving tightening of the harness NEW!
  - Pro_Pad: lightweight and comfortable protection for your belly NEW!
  - Women's X-Spine: proven concerted support and protection especially shaped for women
 Cream of the crop, top notch, our pride and joy - NOVA DIAMOND again defines the standard for high end women's harnesses: easy to adjust, comfortable and supportive and last but not least simply looking gorgeous.

 Memory foam 3.0: Memory foam was originally developed by NASA for space shuttle seats to shoot their astronauts most comfortably and safe into space. This Visco-Elastic Foam adapts to the shape of your body very quickly and provides super comfortable and strong support.
As Memory foam is highly elastic it spreads pressure in a smooth and consistent way along the body contours. Unlike other foams – EVA, Neoprene, … etc.,
Memory foam creates almost no pressure when returning to its original shape after being deformed. This fact has a positive influence on the blood.

Size chart -  harnesses WOMEN

Size  Inch / cm
XS 24''-27'' / 61cm-69cm
S 26''-29'' / 66cm-74cm
M 28''-31'' / 71cm-79cm
L 30''-33'' / 76cm-84cm


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