North Kite Rebel 2013

North Kite Rebel 2013

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Model: North Kite Rebel 2013
Freeride / Wave

 The North Rebel 2013 is the universal kite in the line up, used by riders like Sky Solbach and Jérémie Eloy it excels in the waves and as a freeride kite. It is one of the best selling kites North Kiteboarding has ever built and is loved by riders all over the world.
 The Rebel boasts a huge wind range, the widest available from any of the North Kiteboarding line up. Huge hangtime and lift, fantastic upwind performance, fast turning, direct feeling, easy handling, responsive steering when depowered and a short depower stroke giving you total control in harsh conditions. The 2013 Rebel perfectly combines power and handling to create the perfect kite for “hooked” riders looking for their perfect wave and freeride partner.
 Upwind the Rebel is outstanding, still used by some of North Kiteboaarding race team on the World Tour for course racing, need we say anymore? This year the Rebel incorporates a new strut concept, which combines the responsive turning and softer feel of three strut kites with the superior stability of a classic 5-strut design. The front sections of the struts feature an increased diameter towards the leading edge and then taper towards the trailing edge of the kite.
 This radically reduced diameter leads to more flexibility while the front part of the struts remain super stiff and strong for great stability. The flexible back section of the strut allows the kite to twist over the entire profile when sheeting in and out. As a direct result, the kite is able to generate better low end and a more responsive turning. In order to improve top end, North Kiteboarding flattened the canopy profile towards the tip and quarter struts of the kite. This also gives less drag, less luffing and less flutter.

 The Rebel – the benchmark since many years and the ultimate high performance freeride machine!

     - Loaded 5th line hybrid design
     - Best wind range in the NOrth Kiteboarding line up
     - Short, efficient depower stroke
     - Massive hangtime
     - Responsive steering even when depowered
     - Excellent upwind ability

5 21-40 4.9 3.3
6 19-38 5.0 3.9
7 17-36 5.0 4.5
8 16-34 5.0 5.1
9 15-32 5.0 5.6
10 14-30 5.0 6.2
11 13-29 5.0 6.9
12 12-27 5.0 7.5
13 11-25 5.0 8.2
14 10-23 5.1 8.6


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