RRD Kite Religion 2011 (bar and lines included)

RRD Kite Religion 2011 (bar and lines included)

Product Code:Religion 2011 (bar and lines included))
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Model: RRD Kite Religion 2011 (bar and lines included)

 This is a lovely, smooth hybrid type kite with a twist. Although a bit down on power on some hybrids of equal size, it's not by much but the main thing is that it's just so stable and you can control exactly where you put it and when you get some pull. That is the big thing here, and wave riders will really appreciate that. Unhooked it's lovely too, just following you down-the-line. You need to pull the depower in and trim it first, but then it's as responsive and well behaved as it is in the loop. There's nothing to say you couldn't ride the Religion on a twin-tip for the odd session either, given it's low aspect pull and unhooked pop that's available.

The kite comes with RRD Global V3 bar.


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