Cruizer Levitaz 2017 Hydrofoil

Cruizer Levitaz 2017 Hydrofoil

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Model: Cruizer Levitaz 2017 Hydrofoil
Type: Rookie | Strapless | Freeride 
Sizes:  96cm [Plate Mount or Deep Tuttle Box]

Plate Mount mast can be attached to any board that has 4 bolt threads.
Deep Tuttle Box mast can be attached to any board that has deep tuttle box.

The Levitaz Cruizer 2017 is the perfect choice for your first steps on a hydrofoil. Requiring just a low take-off speed, the wide lift surface of the front wing makes it possible to start hovering early. Due to the modern hydrodynamic shape, the Cruizer is performing like a high performance foil. Riders who love to cruise, achievers or strapless riders, truly get their money´s worth.

Due to its very slim design, the Levitaz Cruizer has extremely little resistance under water. Complex flow simulations guarantee minimal drag and the best possible performance.

Materials: composite, steel
Weight: 3.7kg
Dimensions: 64 x 50 x 100cm


Delivery: Every hydrofoil comes with a resilient carrier bag and a protective cover set, specifically designed to hold the Levitaz kitefoil.

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