ADHD 2014 Shinn Kiteboarding

ADHD 2014 Shinn Kiteboarding

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Model: ADHD 2014 Shinn Kiteboarding
Type: Twintip
Sizes: 137cm x 41cm

If the ultimate, kite low performance is what you seek then you better choose a tool suited for the job.

Too many riders are forced into riding a sub-optimal board simply through lack of options. In a world where POP and landing are key components the ADHD can help you un-lock your potential both on the water and on the cable.

Every feature of this board is designed to help you take your performance to the next level so you better get ready to get wet, progression is not easy but at least now you won’t be able to blame your deck.

The board comes with:
   -  Grab Handle
   -  Footstraps and pads
   -  4 Fins

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