Free Core Kiteboarding

Free Core Kiteboarding

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Model: Free Core Kiteboarding
Type: Wave | Freestyle | Freeride
Sizes: 4.0 | 5.0 | 6.0 | 7.0  | 8.0 | 9.0 | 10.0 | 11.0 | 12.0 | 13.5 | LightWind 15.0 | LightWind 17.0

Hang loose and ride knee highs like they’re overheads. Test your limits on those really big days. Or, just chill and cruise on your trusty surfboard, twintip or skimboard. Without fussing about your kite or the wind. Because you know the new CORE Free is there for you. With its mad surf skills, smooth air-style, and signature CORE ride-ability, you may suspect your new kite has super powers. And we think so too.This 3 strut, delta bow inspired design lets you be you. A kite that gives you the freedom to surf, play or shred. In the waves. Or on the slick. With the comfort of your favorite sneakers. The precision of an F-15. And waterstarts of a kite half its size. Your first choice for short sessions, wicked weekends or your next round the world adventure. Express yourself with CORE’s newest addition to its legendary Universal+ Series of high performance all-rounders. And experience the awesomeness of this wave, freeride, and hooked-in style master. 

Delivery includes: Kite, custom backpack, pro repair kit and manual.

» CORE Intelligent Trim System (CIT) 
» Ultrashort Bridle System
» Speed Pump System
» 3 Strut Light Frame 
» GRINTEX® Patches
» Delta Bow Shape
» Intelligent Arc
» Speed Valve 2
» 4 Line Setup

6 Years Parts Guarantee
CORE kites are built to last. Our legendary durability is backed by a 6 year parts availability guarantee. We will stock all GTS4 replacement parts for a minimum of six years from date of purchase.

Free Core - Surf | Play | Shred

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