Evo 2017 North Kiteboarding

Evo 2017 North Kiteboarding

Brand:North Kiteboarding
Product Code:Evo 2017
Price: 1,159.99€

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Model: North Kite Evo 2017
Type: 4 or 5 lines, Freetyle/Freeride


If you’re looking for one kite to do it all then look no further, the Evo 2017 will have you flying high like Tom Hebert, coming in hot at the line-up and slashing waves or simply freeriding. For those looking to ride unhooked every now and again, it has just the right amount of freestyle performance you’re looking for.
Over the years the Evo has gained the hearts of many freeriders, relying on their Evos in any kind of conditions, loving the easy but direct handling, the boost, the possibility to use it unhooked and even in waves.

» Hybrid between C-kite & delta shape
» Best all-round kite in the range
» Good jumping abilities
» Great hangtime and powerful lift
» Huge wind range
» Excellent upwind performance


Size(m2) Windrange(knots)
6 21-39
7 19-37
8 17-35
9 15-33
10 13-31
11 12-28
12 11-25
13 10-23
14 9-19

There are many kites out there that claim to ”do it all”, try the Evo 2017 and decide yourself what it can’t do!
The Evo is not the ”Jack of all trades”. It’s the master of them all.

See more about Evo @northkiteboarding.com


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