Speedball 2013 Shinn Kiteboarding

Speedball 2013 Shinn Kiteboarding

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Model: Shinn Kitesurfing Board Speedball 2013
Type: Freeride

 Outside the box; created to make freeriding smoother and more dynamic than it’s ever been before. Don't try compare with other boards; Speedball doesn’t fit into any other category of twin tip. Maybe better to ask what it’s not , it's not a light wind board but get's you riding sooner than most, it's not a surfboard but carves better than most, it's not limited to any given wind range and it's not held back by your riding skills. In fact, it won't disappoint you no matter which day you ride. Speedball is our 4-wheel-drive, it will take you anywhere, anytime, anyhow … with your fingers* in your nose ;-)

The board comes with:
   -  Grab Handle
   -  Footstraps and pads
   -  4 Fins

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