Transformer Levitaz 2017 Foil Surfboard

Transformer Levitaz 2017 Foil Surfboard

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Model: Transformer Levitaz 2017 Foilboard
Type: Surf and Foil
Sizes:  5'1"


The Levitaz Transformer is a modern 5´1” waveboard combined with a kitefoil interface. It is built with well-balanced volume and a radical design for high speeds, powerful manoeuvres, and narrow turns. The Levitaz Transformer proves reactivity, speed, and board control in knee- to head-high waves. In foil mode you will feel the familiar surfboard feeling which allows you to progress fast with foiling.

Surf and foil with the same board
Natural surfboard feeling
Two-in-one convertible
Ideal for traveling


» Foilmount: Inserts for plate mount 165 x 90 mm
» Weight: 7,9 lbs (3,6 kg)
» Length: 5´1” (155cm)
» Volume: 25,7 ltrs
» Thickness: 2¼” (5,6 cm)
» Width: 19” (49 cm)


Transformer board package: surfboard with traction tail pad, traction front pads (4 pcs), FCS-thruster fins incl. tool, strap hardware (incl. screws and washers), foil mount hardware (screws, washers and tool) and accessory bag.


levitaz foil board 2017

Levitaz Transformer 2017 - surfboard with a kitefoil interface.

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