Edge Fullsuit 5/4/3 2016 Neil Pryde Men Wetsuit

Edge Fullsuit 5/4/3 2016 Neil Pryde Men Wetsuit

Product Code:Edge Fullsuit 2016 Neil Pryde Wetsuit
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Model: Edge Fullsuit 2016 5/4/3 Neil Pryde Man Wetsuit
Type: (5/4/3) Steamer - Warmth - Stretch - Comfort
Color: Black/Green

Edge Wind is the ultimate wind-sport wetsuit that combines warmth and wind-chill protection with stretch and durability. Featuring the innovative Armor-Skin neoprene, Fireline insulation, heat-trapping Matrix Mesh and full P-Skin tape, the Edge will keep you toasty warm on the coldest of days. Take your performance to the next level.

Apex Plus» All-new silky smooth neoprene with 25% more stretch. Apex-Plus is made from Apex Lite core laminated with a unique, silky outer jersey containing more spandex for flexibility and a soft hand feel. The Apex Lite core is infused with more microscopic air bubbles making it stretchier, warmer and lighter than traditional neoprene.
Armortex Kneepads» Highly durable, abrasion resistant 4-way stretch material.
Key Pocket» Pocket with elastic loop to secure your keys and wax comb.
Aquavents» Water venting system located in the ankles that releases water caught in the suit.
E3 entry» Pull-over bib that prevents water from entering through the back.
Griplock wrists and ankles» Grippy silicone seal to prevent movement and water flushing in.
P-Skin» P-Skin is a thin, stretchy, non-stick polyurethane sealant that is applied to seams for maximum waterproofness. It’s stretchier and thinner than the liquid seam often seen on other wetsuits. P-Skin is machine applied so it allows for a much neater finish than liquid seam.
Ankle cinch loop with detachable ankle cinches» Keeps ankle cinches in place to prevent water from entering

Recommended Temperature: 9 - 12 °C

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