Fanatic Windsurfing Board Falcon Slalom 2012

Fanatic Windsurfing Board Falcon Slalom 2012

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Model: Fanatic Windsurfing Board Falcon Slalom 2012
Type: Slalom Race

 Fanatic has crafted the new 2012 Falcon Slalom especially for the pro riders who compete in world class events demand high performance board to complement their amazing skills. The board offers a unique mix of power, speed and control and can help them win every major competition. The board offers specific performance depending on size. The larger Falcon Slalom models are engineered using the Compact Design Concept which provides excellent lift and minimum drag in light wind conditions, while the smaller models pack less volume and offer blistering speed in high winds.
 The board features a deeper mast base recess for increased rig stability. At the same time the Comfort Heel Rails under the back foot area and increased tucked edges make the ride very comfortable and assure perfect jibes. The straighter tail provides top control at high speed and significantly increases the grip. The increased tail kick provides awesome power release and allows the rider to enjoy extreme speeds without worrying about losing control. The reduced double concave bottom design and nose to middle V section balance the power and assure optimal stability.
 Thinner rails in the front area improve control and keep the board steady in chop. The Fanatic falcon Slalom uses a special high entry rocker complemented by a shorter flat section to generate an incredible speed and quick acceleration. This rocker line creates better steering response and allows the rider to head upwind without hassle.  The board is crafted using a lightweight Biax Carbon Sandwich structure which assures optimal stiffness and a very fluid drive.

- Compact Design Concept (CDC).
- New Scoop Rocker line with shorter flat Section, higher entry and more tail kick release.
- Deeper Mast Base recess for ultimate rig stability.
- Pintail Drawn out to 75Deg for quick release and easy carving.
- Straighter Tail Outline Mid-Stance for Control in both light and strong wind.
- Thinner Front Rails and Nose-to-Middle V with reduced Double Concaves for balanced feel.
- Full Comfort Heel Rails under back foot and increased Tucked Edges for comfort and smooth jibes.


Board Volume Width Lenght Weight Box Sail Size
Falcon Sl 79 56 240 tba Tuttle 4.5 - 7.0
Falcon Sl 89 59 240 5.5 Tuttle 5.0 - 7.8
Falcon Sl 99 62 235 5.8 Tuttle 5.5 - 8.2
Falcon Sl 113 69 235 6.0 Tuttle 6.0 - 8.6
Falcon Sl 125 79 230 6.8 Tuttle 6.5 - 9.2
Falcon Sl 140 85 230 7.3 Tuttle 70 - 10.0


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