Fanatic Windsurfing Board Free Wave 2012

Fanatic Windsurfing Board Free Wave 2012

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Model: Fanatic Windsurfing Board Free Wave 2012
Type: Wave

   The Free Wave 2012 stands for the optimum blend of speed and carving, slashing and sliding. Tucked rails, rounded noses, and an ingenious CAD-created rocker line unlock the secrets of early-planing, control and top end. Starting in 75 litre (US box) and also available in 85, 95, 105 and 115 sizes, with Powerbox as standard, the smaller models excel in waves and high winds, while the larger styles focus more on low-end, freestyle and blasting performance, but are certainly no strangers to the surf.

 Key Features:
  - High entry rocker, short flat section and optimum tail kick for control and speed.
  - Wide point forward of center to 70° pintail.
  - Modern short round-nosed shapes for balance, acceleration and easy riding.

 Fanatic's CAD Master Shaper Sebastian Wenzel: These are amazingly fast and loose shapes. We've won countless tests with my CAD-engineered scoop rocker line and full V combination. The versatility is won with nose kick for riding and carving, through a flat spot between the straps and into an optimised tail curve for the best mix of control in almost any use. With smooth noses, smart volume placement and high-apex tucked rails up front, they cut through the water like knives.

 Technology: Custom Wood Sandwich Light Technology - Using a lightweight yet robust wood and glass fibre construction gives a very high strength to weight ratio. In combination with the Double PVC/ Wood Sandwich, this is an extremely durable lay up, the thick sandwich, wood and glass fibre absorbing high forces, even after the hardest landings! Used on the standard FreeWave models.


Board  Vol Lenght Width Weight Fin Box Sail Size
Fanatic Free Wave 2012 75 235 56 6.6 US Box 3.7 - 6.0
Fanatic Free Wave 2012 85 238 58.5 6.8 Power Box 4.2 - 6.5
Fanatic Free Wave 2012 95 240 61 7.2 Power Box 4.5 - 6.7
Fanatic Free Wave 2012 105 242 63.5 7.3 Power Box 4.7 - 7.0
Fanatic Free Wave 2012 115 244 66 7.6 Powew Box 5.0 - 7.3



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