Neil Pryde Windsurfing Sail Fusion HD 2012

Neil Pryde Windsurfing Sail Fusion HD 2012

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Model: Neil Pryde Windsurfing Sail Fusion HD 2012
Type: All Round 

    The Neilpryde Fusion HD 2012 with its full amourweb construction does it all: lakes, rivers, oceans, waves, flatwater, jumping, cruising, speeding. With a simple five batten layout, this sail is light, easy to use and fun to sail. You can learn maneuvers, throw it around for simple freestyle moves, do basic jumps or lock it down and chase your friends. The Fusion 2012 is forgiving, feels light and holds up well – a great sail for anyone who wants to enjoy all kinds of windsurfing.

    - Progressive Aspect Ratio: low aspect ratio in big sizes for optimum light wind performance
    - One Mast and Boom: fit all sizes.
    - Easy planing
    - Size Specific Foot Angle: low foot in the big sizes and a manoeuvre oriented high foot in the smaller sizes.
    - Fusion HD - Full Amourweb Construction: for optimum durabulity.
    - Light & Soft

  New for the model:
     Power comes in smooth and early making the The Fusion stable and controllable.
     By fine-tuning neilpryde team was able to extend the wind range of the whole Fusion line-up.


Size Boom max Luff max Base Battens Ideal Mast Top
4.9 167 419 20/0 5 400/430 Vario Top
5.5 181 431 2 5 430 Fixed Head
6.1 195 440 10 5 430 Fixed Head
6.7 203 458 28 5 430 Fixed Head
7.2 211 471 48/12 5 430/460 Fixed Head


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