North Sails Windsurfing Sail Ice 2011

North Sails Windsurfing Sail Ice 2011

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Model: North Sails Windsurfing Sail Ice 2011
Type: Freestyle/Wave

 Extremely aggressive and - thanks to the optimized foot profile - a true handling miracle, especially when descending the wave: this is how our team describes this radical 5-batten power engine. Everyone has been impressed by the performance and the lightning-fast reaction of the ICE, which is totally independent from one’s own body weight.
 A World Cup Wave sail must have the potential to get the maximum out of every situation, because only victory counts. This is why the new ICE works even under the widest range of conditions, developing maximum performance under critical circumstances. This has been mainly achieved through the optimized foot geometry, a slightly set back centre of effort, and a reduced sail foil tension.

- Twin Trim Clew allows individual tuning increasing the range of use.
- New refined luff curve, twist pattern and sail body tension makes the sail feel lighter in your hands.
- Straight foot design enables more radical moves and getting closer to the impact zone. All ICE sizes were designed for RDM masts, but are still compatible with SDM masts.
- Shorter luff length through clew cutaway makes sail more compact without loosing wind range.
 That’s why the new ICE feels softer and can be easily controlled and pumped onto the plane. These abilities are also supported by the modified luff curve and the optimized leech tension.


Sail Size(m2) Luff(cm) Boom(cm) Battens Cams Ideal Mast(cm)
NS Ice 4.0 388 153 5 - 370/400
NS Ice 4.5 408 160 5 - 370/400
NS Ice 4.7 411 166 5 - 400
NS Ice 5.0 421 171 5 - 400
NS Ice 5.3 436 173 5 - 400
NS Ice 5.7 439 179 5 - 400/430
NS Ice 6.2 458 188 5 - 400/430


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