Powerex Windsurfing Mast 60% RDM 2012

Powerex Windsurfing Mast 60% RDM 2012

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Model: Powerex Windsurfing Mast 60% RDM 2012
Type: RDM 60% Carbon

  Want a mast to be used also in a storm: RDM 60! If you breake we take…. This mast was impossible to break in Ho’okipa, we also have keept a very nice price to help the market growing. The taper is bigger compared to the other RDM’S line. The mast is a 60% carbon with a 40% glass epoxy fiber. The mast had been also built with Ultra Stratification technology where the pre-pregs of glass and carbon fiber are matched electronically to ensure a perfect quality. The boom area is protected by the exclusive transparent polymer shield to avoid overstress from the boom front. This mast has also the autoclave consistency production process, this is available to very few companies and involves curing the carbon under high pressure, literally driving tiny air bubbles that cause imperfections out of the mast. The RDM 60 line has the exclusive process of the Aero Sanding Joint where the joint is sanded by air-pressure to ensure that the joint is grinded the same on all the surface avoiding the stuck of the pieces.


  - Aero sanding joint
  - UST Ultra Stratification Technology
  - Autoclave consistency

  - Protected Transparent-Polymer Boom area

MODEL        CARBON %     IMCS     MCS     KG     LBS     DESIGNED FOR     MAST BAG
RDM 60 430     60%             21         25      2.2     4.8       All Conditions           YES
RDM 60 400     60%             19         26      2.0     4.4       All Conditions           YES
RDM 60 370     60%             17         27      1.9     4.1       All Conditions           YES

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