Fanatic Windsurfing Board Viper 2011

Fanatic Windsurfing Board Viper 2011

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Model: Fanatic Viper 2011
Type: Allround

 Fanatic Viper 2011 is perfect from the first steps in windsurfing and ever after. A Bebinner - intermediate - family board to fast track the journey to a lifetime of windsurfing pleasure.
 Fanatic are lucky to have a vast network of windsurfing schools to consult. This vital high feedback on beginner and family board demands helps us fast track your journey to a lifetime of windsurfing pleasure. Bucking the trend for short and wide boards, our advisors have heavily influenced the Vipers’ mix of modern concepts and proven shapes.
 Thinner outline and finely tuned CAD stretched power rocker curves guarantee a long waterline - essential for stealthy sub-planing performance and joyous first-time planing experiences. A daggerboard system vastly increases light air motion, and upwind pointing while adding crucial stability when cruising.
Viper 2011 has plenty of footstrap positions to choose from and the help of our tuning kit, the Viper switches to an exciting Funboard for more advanced riders. A custom foam insert seals-off the deck and underside. Add a 50cm Freeride GFK fin and in seconds you’re ready to fly.
- Smart volume flow for maximum sub planing glide
- Straight outline shape concept - for better upwind tracking and rig steering
- Fully removable daggerboard - essential for beginners, wider wind range and stability
- Great allround performance for Freeride sailing
- Softdeck - thermo-heated surface for higher surface durability over total deck surface
- Optional tuning kit conversion
- Easy nose handle for carrying and stabilising

Available in four sizes: 70, 75, 80 and 85cm wide all featuring High Resistance Skin (HRS) and Softdeck construction

Board Volume(L) Lenght(cm) Width(cm) Weight(kg) Sail(m2)
Viper 70 150 270 70 11.9 2.0-8.0
Viper 75 160 275 75 12.2 2.0-10.0
Viper 80 190 280 80 13.2 2.0-10.0
Viper 85 220 285 85 14.2 2.0-10.0


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