Neil Pryde Windsurfing Boom X3 2013

Neil Pryde Windsurfing Boom X3 2013

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Model: Neil Pryde Windsurfing Boom X3 2013

 The Neilpryde X3 2013 is an all-aluminium boom, featuring innovative technology to obtain one of the stiffest booms on the market.

  - Pressure Flow Forged' aluminum Head
  - T6 series alloy arms
  - Monocoque aluminum tail extension
  - Oversized mast cup in glass fibre reinforced injection moulding
  - S-shape profile on 140 and 160 lengths
  - The X3 140 and 160 booms come with a NeilPryde mast shim for use with RDM masts.

The Mast Cup
 The mast cup interior of the VT-Joint creates a V shape that accommodates variation in standard mast diameters.
The V shape provides a second point of contact between the cup and the mast creating a tighter connection and a greater transmission of power.
Slightly thinner masts simply sit further into the V while fatter ones sit lower down.
  X1 – Oversized mast cup in glass fibre reinforced injection moulding
  X3 – Oversized mast cup in glass fibre reinforced injection moulding
  X6 – Oversized mast cup in carbon fibre reinforced injection moulding
  X9 – Oversized mat cup in forged carbon composite material

S-SHAPE profile
  In contrast to a traditional boom that has convex and straight outline sections, the NeilPryde 140 and 160 booms have an S shape concave section at the highest loading point (the back hand section). With traditional booms, as there is more force at the backhand section, (such as when landing jumps or sailing overpowered), a straight/convex outline is free to bend out, making the boom feel soft and actually making the sail profile deeper as the boom gets shorter. On the "S" boom this force is applied against the concave "S" section resulting in much improved stiffness as well as keeping the sail profile stable as the boom length does not change under load.  - New School profile available in the 140 & 160

Forced Aluminum Head
 Pressure Flow Forging – an innovative technology that allows for shaping of exceptionally stiff aluminium tubing. By applying this technology on all our Matrix X3 and X6 booms, the NeilPryde R&D team have managed to create the lightest, strongest an most rigid aluminium booms available on the market.
'Pressure Flow Forging' represents a real breakthrough in boom shaping as the metal is allowed to 'flow' rather than stretch into shape. Fluid is injected at very high pressure into the aluminum tube that causes it to expand until it matches an external it matches an external female mold. This process increases the density of the aluminum in all areas and provides the ability to control wall thickness, allowing for the creation of complex shapes that result in a far stronger head. Further, we chose to put the boom arms inside the head tube and this results in an outside diameter of the head being increased and bringing a further increase in rigidity and strength. As a final production process, this already high tech piece is heat tempered to create highest stiffness and strength.

'New School' Head Profile
 For the first time ever, the new X3 and X6 aluminum and hybrid series booms are also available in the 'new school' head profile in both the 140 and 160 series. The somewhat anti-establishment shape ensures a comfortable ride with less fatigue because your body position is altogether more natural.
 Now, your wrists are aligned with your forearms regardless of where you hold the boom, meaning your hands are no longer overstretched, forced or twisted. When gusts exhort their authority, the new boom profile gives you the right to answer back with your leading hand more naturally closer to the mast, giving you unprecedented control and confidence.


Boom / length Adjust / cm  Arm diameter / mm Adjustment RDM Mast Shim
X3 140-190 50 28 Twin-Pin Lever
X3 160-210 50 28 Twin-Pin Lever
X3 180-230 50 30 Twin-Pin Lever -
X3 200-250 50 30 Twin-Pin Lever -
X3 225-275 50 30 Twin-Pin Lever -

New School

Boom / length Adjust / cm  Arm diameter / mm Adjustment RDM Mast Shim
X3 140-190 50 28 Twin-Pin Lever
X3 160-210 50 28 Twin-Pin Lever


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