Neil Pryde Windsurfing Mast X35 SDM

Neil Pryde Windsurfing Mast X35 SDM

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Model: Neil Pryde Windsurfing Mast X35 SDM
Type SDM


  Neilpryde Mast X35 has a 35% carbon content and filament winding construction, also X35 offers affordable performance. During the filament winding process the mast yarns are laid on a mandrel at different angles between various layers. Each particular mast size will have specific angles and numbers of layers to ensure the perfect bend curve and masts performance.
 The filament winding construction is highly durable due to loading distribution from end to end being even, leaving no stress points on the mast. With the bend curve optimised to work best with all NeilPryde sails.
 X35 offers great value for money.

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