Neil Pryde Windsurfing Sail Solar 2013

Neil Pryde Windsurfing Sail Solar 2013

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Model: Neil Pryde Windsurfing Sail Solar 2013
Type: No-Cam Freeride

 The Neilpryde Solar is our most user-friendly sail. Optimised for classic flat-water freeriding, the Solar offers great lowend power and stability. It is light, easy to handle and rig. ArmourWeb reinforced construction in the foot, luff and clew area ensures durability.

 - Four battens up to 5.7. Keeps the sail weight to a minimum for optimum performance.
 - Balanced Draft creating good lift without causing more backhand pressure when overpowered.
 - Light feeling Monofilm main body construction keeps the sail lightweight and responsive.
 - ArmourWeb Reinforced panels in the foot, luff and clew area.
 - Intermediate Foot Size for optimum balance between easy maneuvers and performance.

 - Armour Web Dyneema.
 - Twin Seams.

Pro riders tips:
 -Robby Swift: The Solar is great for learning how to water start, jibe or just have a good blast around. The number one sail for freeride fun on the water.

Size (m2) Boom max (cm) Luff max(cm) Base Battens Ideal Mast(cm) Top
4.5m 161 405 6 5 400 Fixed Top
5.0m 171 418 18 5 400 Fixed Top
5.5m 181 432 2 5 430 Fixed Top
6.0m 193 447 18 5 430 Fixed Top
6.5m 203 459 30 5 430 Fixed Top
7.0m 211 469 10 5 460 Fixed Top
7.5m 219 480 20 5 460 Fixed Top


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