RRD Windsurfing Sail Kid Joy MKIII

RRD Windsurfing Sail Kid Joy MKIII

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Model: RRD Windsurfing Sail Kid Joy
Type: Kids / School

 The right cut is more crucial when objects are very small. The Kidjoy is the perfect sail to see kids start windsurfing. Every detail is in the right place. The proportional clew height depending on the size of the sail that corresponds to the age of the “new” sailor, matching the height of the booms, to the Dacron luff panel that flutters when tacking and allows minimal strength to keep the sail in balance.

 The Kidjoy MKIII is built with a full X-ply window and dacron body from size 1,5 to 3.0 in order to have a lightweight but strong long lasting sail. The 3,5 is built in the same way, but with the addition of a PVC window to maximize the visibility. The sail line uses a color code scheme so that will be easy to spot what sizes are on the water for a school teacher. The 1,5 is white, the 2,0 Yellow, the 2,5 light blue, the 3,0 green and the 3,5 is red.

 The RRD team encourages kids to learn windsurfing and become future champs. Learning this great sport is not very difficult for children if they have proper gear and guidance. The new 2011 Kid Joy MKIII is especially engineered to teach children the basics of windsurfing. Compared with the RRD Grom Style, the Kid Joy is smaller, lighter and much more easy to use. The Grom Style is also a great tool for teching children, but it is oriented towards progression.  The RRD Kid Joy MKIII is especially crafted for novice young riders that need to learn to operate a sail and want to perform their first windsurfing maneuvers.

 The sail uses an optimized clew height depending on the sail size and age of the sailor. It matches the boom height and assures easy maneuverability and smooth power delivery. The sail generates reduced speed and optimal power to keep the draft well balanced out on the water. A special 1+1, 2+1 or 3+1 battens skeleton is used depending on sail size. The reduced batten configuration assures a lighter overall weight but manages to keep the sail very stable and easy to control.

Size (m2) Boom max (cm) Luff max(cm) Battens Rec. Boom Ideal Mast(cm) Top
1.5m 157 311 1+1 kid joy 120-170 Kid Joy 200 Adjust.
2.0m 121 224 1+1 kid joy 120-170 EPX Mast Kid 250 Adjust.
2.5m 134 245 1+1 kid joy 120-170 EPX Mast Kid 250 Adjust.
3.0m 154 280 2+1 kid joy 120-170 EPX Mast Kid 280 Adjust.
3.5m 157 311 3+1 kid joy 120-170 EPX Mast Kid 320 Adjust.


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