North Sails Windsurfing Sail Hero 2012

North Sails Windsurfing Sail Hero 2012

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Model: North Sails Windsurfing Sail Hero 2012
Type: Wave

 Already the first tests had shown that we were at the beginning of a revolution. No matter who got the brand new HERO 4 batten wave sail in his hands, no one wanted to give it back. The North Sail HERO 2012 is adjusted towards Marcilio Browne who does not want to sail with any other sail anymore - it just fits perfectly to his sailing style and the new multi-fin wave boards!
Almost everything is different: The HERO 2012  is the impressive production of an ultra modern 4 batten wave sail, which is repleted with the finest components and technical know-how. Regardless of under- or properly powered up, too much pressure or too little, this sail always generates power without becoming unstable. Despite a further draft back position it doesn’t become back handy, even when overpowered. This let’s you imagine, how much the wind range has improved compared to previous 4 batten sails!The low weight makes for an increadible handling. While rigging you can already imagine how light and soft the sail feels. The rotation is smooth as silk, even with minimal outhaul tension.On the water it immediately appears that your back hand is the throttle. Just sheet in and the HERO immediately builds up power, speeds up, and gets you going. On the wave it becomes a discreet engine always ready to accelerate when needed. The top is working very effective supporting the power. Therefore, you can safely choose a sail size smaller than with many other wave sails. This applies to almost any rider, regardless of weight.Kai Hopf developed the balanced luff lenght, a precisely balanced ratio of luff length to boom length. As short as possible for most radical throw-ability and as long as necessary to generate sufficient stability for maximum wind range.
 Design, processing, shape and features as the new ibumper mast protector make the radical HERO a perfect package that can measure up to the future in the competition must.

 Important: the HERO is exclusively designed for RDM masts due to its narrow sleeve and elastic characteristics. The smaller mast diameter perfectly matches this softer feeling sail and shorter luff.

   - radical 4 batten wave sail with lots of power and yet extremely wide wind range
   - ibumper, the most modern and most effective protector of a piece mast
   - balanced luff length as short as possible for most radical throw-ability and as long as necessary for maximum wind range.
   - twin trim clew allows for individual tuning increasing the range of use

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