Prolimit Windsurfing Seat Harness Freemove 2011

Prolimit Windsurfing Seat Harness Freemove 2011

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Model: Prolimit Windsurfing Seat Harness Freemove 2011
Color: Black
The Freemove is designed for a entry level or recreational sailors. Pure comfort! Medium back support, medium hook.

3D Shaping System - A standard feature with all of our models, the 3D Shaping system allows the harness to mould perfectly to your body. On the seat models ProLimit did this by combining horizontal and vertical shaping with a unique Dual -Axis Contour cut.

 - Dual Foam System - Developed in conjunction with the 3D Shaping, the dual foam system focuses on further distributing any pressure evenly over the harness area. Comprising of two layers of dual density foam, the inner layer of medium density foam forms to the bodies' specific contour, while the higher density outside layer absorbs the primary load from the reinforcing plate. This system means the thickness of our reinforcing plate can be reduced which once again increases mobility.
 - Half Release Leg Straps - For easy access to and from the harness.
 - Neoprene Soft Edge - To prevent edge tension, rash and discomfort when using a waist harness, we developed the neoprene soft edge. The inside and outside skin of the harness feature a lycra covered neoprene edge that flexes easily and covers the traditionally abrasive edge of the harness.

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