Obsession MK8 2016 RRD Kite

Obsession MK8 2016 RRD Kite

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Model: RRD Kite Obsession MK8 2016
Type: Freestyle/Wave - Big Air


Our iconic big air kite has been completely re-designed this year. After long considerations on how to achieve an even lighter, faster, more powerful yet easy to be de-powered and stable kite, our design team has come across with a very simple yet very refined design concept.

Taking out 2 struts from the previous versions and making the Obsession a full 3 struts kite has been the base of this new concept. The foil profile has been changed, achieving a new kite that floats better in the air and brings a more direct type of feeling on the bar. Thanks to a new profile and a tighter leech tension we have achieved better hangtime, more stability of profile and a greater range of use.

Today the Obsession MK8 in sizes 10,5 and smaller can also be used as a Wave Kite, combining the freedom of improved maneuverability with an immediate effective depower-ability in any winds.

What seemed impossible is now the new Obsession MK8.

Available sizes: 5m, 6m, 7m, 9m, 10,5m, 12m, 13,5m , 15m


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