Global V6 RRD Kitesurfing Bar

Global V6 RRD Kitesurfing Bar

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Model: RRD Kitesurfing Bar Global V6


" Simple / functional / safe / durable ''
 The version 6 of a great bar with a great history of performance and reliability. We have taken out any unecessary items instead of adding them, to make every component more functional. Simply put : “you cannot break what does not exist”. A bar is your cockpit in the water, not on the road or inside an airlplane. Everything must be there at your fingertips and must work instantly when you really need it.
No marketing gimmicks, No 3D videos to impress you behind the screen of a computer. A simple bar that works. Everyday. For long time.
  - Composite Glass/Carbon Bar with hand sanded soft grip. Diecut graphic colors that do not fade in the sun.

  - Rubber covered side caps to improve side grip and avoid damage
  - Bar width adjuster.

  - Double chamber hollow tube for de-power rope and safety line.

  - Original Clamcleat™, not just another copy.

  - 2 parts only chicken loop safety release system.

  - No rust and corrosion damage, EASY to reassemble!

  - Rotoring system with “Iglidur” washers to untwist lines.

  - Safety leash ring attachment, convertible into HP suicide leash.

  - Industry reference exclusive 23 mts RIGID THREAD LINES, never stretch. Never loose trim


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